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My first (accidental) VIRAL hit

Updated: Jul 22, 2021

Ahh Christmas time. Hot chocolate, ugly sweaters, forced family time, and CHRISTMAS MUSIC.

It was December 2016. I was a fresh college drop-out working as a phlebotomist during the day and struggling as a music producer during the night.

It was a few days before Christmas and I was in the car listening to Christmas jingles when the centuries-old folk song "Up on the Housetop" came up. I thought it needed an update. As soon as I got home, I turned the 1864 Benjamin Hanby classic into an EDM BANGER in about 2 hours.

In 2016 I had been testing the waters with alternate aliases. It was a sort of social experiment to see if the "face" of my music had a noticeable impact on the popularity of it. I can go into detail on this (quite hilarious) social experiment in another post but the only alias you need to know for right now is "El Troll"

I created "El Troll" as an EDM "troll"; he just produced EDM to shit on the genre as a whole. His first single was "Half My Drums R Preset Loops" followed by a remix of the Barney theme song .

El Troll was the perfect account to post this remix of up Up On the Housetop, I thought. Turning an 1864 folk song into something you could twerk to was troll-esqe, I thought. This would just be another laugh, I thought.

I posted the song to soundcloud and sent it out to a few youtube channels and... the BIGGEST youtube channel liked it, and posted it. This youtube channel had MILLIONS of subscribers...

Soon enough, celebrities were using the song in their videos, businesses were using it in their commercials, people were dancing to it on their TikTok, a youtuber posted a 10 hour version to their channel, and someone was even profiting off of it on their Spotify.

I was ecstatic. Finally, after years of putting my all into music production, I created something that reached millions of people.

There was one slight problem, though..

NOBODY KNEW I PRODUCED THE DANG SONG. "El Troll" posted it to soundcloud but even he didn't get recognition.

I spent a lot of energy trying to get the notoriety I deserved with mixed success. The best I could do was kick the mother-f***er who was making my streaming money off Spotify.

Ultimately, the millions of people that listened to the track never knew that I made that drop.

I tell myself this was a "learning experience" to keep me from crying myself to sleep,


In all seriousness, this experience gave me a taste of what going viral feels like. Since then, I've produced a few other tracks that gained some traction, but not to this level.

The day when millions of people will listen to my drop and KNOW that I made it has yet to come. That's my fuel to keep producing.

Stay weird people,

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