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DJing a Winery? Yes.

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

Throughout history, wine has been consumed for its intoxicating effects. People say they like the "culture", the "aroma", the "complexity" of wine, or whatever.


In Austin, we have a perfect excuse to drink alcohol every Wednesday. It's called: 50% off Wine Wednesdays at Wanderlust Wine Co.

Wanderlust is a DOPE wine start-up that boasts a spirited atmosphere and a tech-driven method of serving you, which is best described in this video:

BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE (Informercial voice)

My favorite element of Wanderlust is that you have 3 different atmospheres to choose from.

Wanna sit down on a comfy couch and listen to some live music? The main building is the place to be.

Wanna eat some authentic Italian cuisine while you sip on your Pinot Grigio? The outdoor picnic area is the place to be.

Wanna chat it up in an intimate setting? The wine cellar building around back is the place to be.

Wanderlust is a VIBE.

Anyways, lets talk about me now.

I moved to Austin, Texas from DC during the lockdowns because I KNEW that Texas would open up sooner than DC. As a Producer/DJ, freedom to congregate is sort of my lifeblood.

Prior to the DC lockdowns, I would DJ live sets for a wide variety of clubs, private events, even middle school grad parties (i.e clean version of Cardi B's Bodak Yellow, yuk).

Business was booming and I was on a good flow. Then..


No more clubs. No more private events. No more middle school grad parties. No more clean version of Bodak Yellow by Cardi B (only plus, I guess)

When I first moved to Austin, I didn't have the established connections to book events. So I just didn't DJ ANY live shows for the first year I lived here.

During my DJ hiatus, my music taste mellowed out. Maybe I'm getting old, but my goal with DJing as of now is to play CLASSY events. Like playing a smooth deep house set for a bunch of trendy wine-loving millennials at Wanderlust Wine Co.

Leading up to this set, I was NERVOUS.

I had to incorporate music that post-covid Sarahs like, otherwise, they'll come up to the DJ booth every few minutes with song requests. (ew)

Problem: I have no idea what post-covid Sarahs listen to.

Solution: Ask post-covid Sarahs what they listen to prior to my set.


Fast forward - I pulled up, drank a bunch of wine, and played a smooth set. This was a solid return back into DJing live shows. I look forward to playing more wine sets in the future!


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